Useful Models

Leadership In A Nutshell

A fundamental description of how to be an effective leader. It is updated from the article above with more current thinking.
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Effective Strategic Planning

Shows a strategic planning process that is more than just an exercise.
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Core Competencies of the CEO

This list of twenty core competencies was developed through years of coaching and interviewing company CEOs and presidents. This is especially useful for leaders who are trying to define their own role or the role of their successor.
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Strategic Planning Map

Presents the critical elements of a strategic plan.
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Feedback Guidelines

Giving effective feedback is a key competency of leaders, and many people have never learned how. Here are the do's and don'ts of giving feedback.
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5 Minute Relaxation

Listen to this 5 minute relaxation to develop your presence as a leader, and to calm yourself before or after stressful situations.
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