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Zuckerman Consulting Group supports you as you gain:

At Zuckerman Consulting Group, we assist you in knowing what you want – for your organization, your team, and yourself – and guide you as you develop the awareness, skills, capacity, and resources to get it. Our process of powerful questioning and dialogue increases your self-awareness and leads to a more satisfying, influential work life – a life in which you get more of what you want.

We take a whole-system perspective when coaching you, and always consider your individual development in the context of the organization in which you work. As a client, you receive valuable feedback, support, and guidance in addressing immediate as well as long-term business issues.

We support you as you gain:

Increased Capacity as a Leader
There are many places to learn skills, but knowing how to use them in the heat of a challenging situation is more difficult. We help you learn the skills needed to achieve real results. More importantly, we build your capacity to recognize the situations in which these skills are relevant and to have the energy and foresight to use them when they’re called for.

A Solid Leadership Presence
Effective leaders have a presence you can feel. People want to follow them. We work with you to develop the kind of strong presence that people want to follow. We don’t just teach you tactics because that doesn’t last and it often comes across as, well, insincere. We guide you to have the kind of presence that comes from personal alignment between what you say, how you say it, and what you really mean. There’s nothing stronger.

The Influence to Make Things Happen
As a leader, you know your business and have great ideas that can take it to the next level. You also know that you can’t get to the next level without the support of your team and organization. We help you increase your influence with the people who work with and for you, and guide you through the sticky mire of knowing when to push, when to collaborate, and when to let go.

A Clear, Compelling Vision
Some leaders have a clear vision for their company, but much as no one likes to admit it, other leaders don’t have a vision. As odd as it sounds, many people don’t know what they want. We work with you to develop a clear, compelling picture of the future for your organization that can mobilize everyone, including you, to move forward.

The Ability to Balance Strategy with Humanity
Effective leaders need to be both task-oriented and relational. Task-orientation is what gets things done. Developing sound relationships is necessary so that others want to do the tasks you ask of them. One of the tough challenges of leadership is knowing when to focus on tasks and when to focus on relationships. We work with you to understand and develop this critical leadership skill.

“Working with Laurie has helped me to develop skills that have given me the ability to more clearly identify what is truly important to me. Those skills have helped me to achieve significant personal and work related goals. The result has been enjoyment and satisfaction at work and personally that I didn’t even know was possible.”
Dale Leppo, Owner, Leppo Equipment

“My work with Laurie has increased my capacity to take problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills to a new level.  I’ve developed a healthy work/life balance, drawing on mental and physical energy reserves, yet not breaking the bank.  I’ve built a team based on diversity of talents and perspectives, a team that appreciates and utilizes differences in thinking and problem solving skills. And I’ve developed my employee coaching abilities, assisting others with personal development and achieving performance goals.”
CEO, Health Care Company