Who We Are


Established in 1987, Zuckerman Consulting Group uses both traditional and innovative approaches to develop strong leaders and leadership teams. We help leaders develop the skills, presence, and wisdom they need to grow their organizations and engage their employees. Our clients not only become more successful leaders, they become better and more satisfied at that sticky business we call living life fully. And in doing so, they unlock their own potential and the potential of everyone around them.

People talk a lot these days about values. Here are ours:

  • We do what it takes to provide engaging, powerful learning experiences for our clients.
  • We balance our impeccable communication skills and organizational strategy with our generous, open-hearted humanity.
  • We are committed to our own ongoing development.

Our trusted colleagues are people with whom we have worked, studied, designed meetings, challenged ideas, laughed, cried, and collaborated. We know how to support each other to do our best. Our colleagues share our values, and like us, they bring impeccable skills and generous, open-hearted humanity. You will be glad you know them.

History of the Firm

In 1987, Laurie Zuckerman hired a career counselor to decide what to do with her life. She explored many options and chose consulting because of her love of working with people to develop ways that organizations could be more successful. Thus, Zuckerman Consulting Group was founded.

With Laurie’s engineering degree and MBA, it is no surprise that Zuckerman Consulting Group’s initial focus was on the logical aspects of organizational life - strategic and business planning. The firm helped organizations understand their internal and external environments, select business and marketing strategies, and develop plans for achieving their goals.

Over time, Laurie discovered that no matter how great the plans were, they were only valuable if people within the organization wanted to carry them out. So she spent 10 years studying at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland to learn how people behave, what makes groups operate effectively, and how to support organizational change. In the process, she became a learning junkie, and her continuous growth and new ideas continue to spill over into the firm’s work with clients.

As Laurie supported organizations to create solid plans and develop their people, she realized that something was still missing. Leaders had great ideas for their organizations but were not always successful at making things happen. In 1999, she began a research project to understand how to drive organizational energy in a selected direction. She talked with many leaders about their experiences and came to understand that every process for successfully driving organizational change depends on effective leadership.

As a result, Zuckerman Consulting Group shifted its focus to coaching and developing leaders and leadership teams.  We still help organizations create strategic plans, and we still teach people the skills they need to work effectively together and engage employees. Today, this work is all done with the understanding that for leaders to get the changes they want for their organizations, they have to learn to see the world differently, understand themselves differently, and act differently. Then leaders can unlock their own potential and the potential of their organizations as well.