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For Teams

Unlock the Potential of the Leadership Team (or Any Other Team...)

Zuckerman Consulting Group coaches your team to:

At Zuckerman Consulting Group, we partner with you to unlock the potential of your leadership team. The goal: a team that understands the complexities of your environment, creates robust plans to deal with it, executes the plans effectively, and engages the rest of the company. A team that’s on the same page with you.

We understand what makes one team more effective than another:

  • Its ability to get the right information on the table,
  • openly wrestle with different points of view, and
  • make sound decisions together that help the organization move toward its desired future.

And we know how to work with you so your team develops these capacities.

Before we start, we listen to you and your organization to understand your particular values, circumstances, needs, and ways of working together. Then we customize an approach to working with you and your team. In addition, we take a whole-system perspective when coaching your team, and always consider the team’s development in the context of the whole organization.

As a client, you and your team receive valuable feedback, support, and guidance in addressing immediate as well as long-term issues.

We coach your team to:

Make Good Decisions Together
Everyone on the team wants the organization to be more productive and profitable, and ideas abound concerning which problems to solve and how to solve them. We help teams use the best of everyone’s ideas to make decisions that have impact and support.

Learn “Hard” Group Dynamic Skills
Skills such as effective communication, building trust and respect, and getting the benefit from differences are often referred to as “soft.” Our clients tell us otherwise. These are the “hard” skills that bring dollars to the bottom line, make decision-making easier, and make everyone’s life so much more satisfying. We teach group dynamic skills to your team in real time when they’re needed. And we don’t make up examples; we use real-life issues and circumstances that you and your team are facing in the moment. So when you learn a new skill, you are also using it immediately to solve complex issues and benefit your organization.

Get Animals to Work in Your Favor
We work with you to delve into sacred cows, put elephants on the table, and wrestle with tough-issue alligators so you can deal with not only the complex issues but also the untenable dilemmas that keep you from growing to the next level. This frees up everyone’s tiger power to focus on the business.

Establish Better Strategy, Better Plans, Better Implementation
When groups work together well, everything happens more easily and more productively. Strategic planning leads to better strategy and plans. And with everyone’s input, understanding, and buy-in, implementation is faster and more effective.

“We were educated to be good at what we’ve chosen to study, but were never taught how to collaborate and work together as a team. Our work with Laurie taught us the importance of establishing a foundation of trust so we can have an unfettered discussion about an issue, deal with our conflicts, commit to an action, and hold ourselves accountable to each other.”
Mark Ohlinger, President, Hasenstab Architects

"As a result of our working with Zuckerman Consulting, the company has become more focused and better able to prioritize. The management team is aligned and has learned to work together in making strategic decisions. Each member of the team has learned to better understand each other's likenesses and differences. The team has become more consultative in its planning and decision-making.”
Carol Latham, President, Thermagon