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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning – A Practical, Living Tool for Your Organization

Using Strategic Planning, you can intentionally choose how to work together and how to use your resources today to achieve your vision for the future.

The resulting plan gives you and your team clear direction for such opportunities as growing to the next level, recouping from a major market challenge, or working through a leadership transition. With a clear, compelling vision and direction, your organization will have more focus and energy, and you can more easily get everyone on the same page.

Using our approach to strategic planning, the process is at least as valuable as the plan itself. Your team and organization get to know each other and work together on issues that matter to everyone. They develop the kind of relationships that are necessary to smooth the way for the hard work ahead. By involving people in decisions that matter to them, they take more ownership in the plan and the results. And they learn how to make decisions together in ways that pay off over the course of the plan.

The plan itself becomes a vehicle for learning what works and what doesn’t work so that your organization can continually build capacity and hone skills.

Check out the Resources section of our website (below) for a strategic planning model and map. And call us to discuss how strategic planning can be tailored to your specific needs, and become a practical, living tool for your organization.

Strategic Planning Model

Strategic Planning Map