What We Do

Retire With Intention

Retire With Intention guides executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are recently retired or about to retire to understand what is fulfilling, enjoyable, and meaningful beyond your career.  The Retire With Intention process provides dedicated time away from daily life to organize your thoughts, think through your strengths, interests, and passions, and choose how to take advantage of them in retirement.


Through Retire With Intention, you will:

  • Explore and understand your motivations and priorities in retirement.
  • Identify the legacy that you’ve already left and the legacy that you want to leave in the future.
  • Set a clear path for a satisfying, enjoyable retirement, and create concrete next steps.
  • Explore how to create a life with just the right amount of structure and balance for you.
  • Set a clear direction for giving back in a way that is personally meaningful to you.
  • Develop relationships with a cohort of people with similar experiences to yours who can provide encouragement and support for you in retirement

Who Will Benefit

The 3-day program is for you if you are an executive, manager, entrepreneur, or professional who recently retired or are contemplating retirement within the next year, and want to be intentional about creating the next phase of your life so it is aligned with your interests, passions, and life circumstances

The 1.5-day program is for you if you are an executive, manager, entrepreneur, or professional who has begun to think about retiring from your career, and want to begin exploring possibilities for what's next or sorting through the ideas you already have.

The Program

For Retire With Intention, our basic assumption is that a life worth living is filled with meaning, structure, and enjoyment.  RWI supports you to develop a roadmap that considers all three areas.  During the program, you will learn about the “new” adult stage of development between retirement and “old age”, and the realities of transitioning from where you are now to this new phase of your life.

We know that, unlike high school or college where there likely were people and programs to help guide your way, the social supports and resources for this new phase of life are rare.  Therefore, we devote time and energy in RWI to provide you with resources as you move forward. 

The 3-day program objectives are: 

  • Develop a roadmap with clarity and direction for the next phase of your life
  • Expand your resources for making your roadmap possible
  • Generate energy for moving forward on your journey both during and after the program

The 1.5-day program objectives are: 

  • Establish a direction for what's next post-career
  • Learn about resources you need for this part of your life journey

Program Agenda

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“WOW!  It was a great three days!” 

“Before Retire With Intention (RWI) I felt turmoil about retirement.  I thought I had to make decisions now and have my plan all laid out.  After RWI I feel an inner peace.  I know it’s ok to not have everything worked out in advance.  Now I’m enjoying retirement.”

“Thank you for the sincerity and deep, genuine caring you have for each one of us and our success.”

“The mixture of people was great.  Those different perspectives were very important in the group discussion.”

“You provided the foundation for me to live the life I want to be living.”

“I learned that what I’m going through is normal.”

“I’m enjoying my life now, and have much less anxiety.”


Retire With Intention is facilitated by Laurie Zuckerman and Jacquie McLemore.  Laurie and Jacquie each have more than 20 years of experience coaching senior executives, and both live their lives with intention.  

2014 Retire With Intention Schedule

3-Day Program/Dates

Apr 30 – May 2 at the lovely Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Oct 15 – 17 on the East Coast

3-Day Program/Timing

Day 1:  Wednesday      9am – 5pm
Day 2:  Thursday         9am – 5pm        
Day 3:  Friday              9am – 3:30pm  

1.5-Day Program/Dates

Feb 20 – 21 at the lovely Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

June 19 – 20 at the lovely Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Sep 18 – 19 on the East Coast

1.5-Day Program/Timing

Day 1:  Thursday               4pm – 8pm       
Day 2:  Friday                     9am – 5pm


The fee for the 1.5-day program is $695, including evening reception, bkfst, and lunch.  You are responsible for overnight accommodations.

The fee for the 3-day program is $2095, including 1st evening reception, all bkfsts, and lunches.  You are responsible for dinner and overnight accommodations.

We offer an unconditional money back guarantee on the program fee.


Please contact Laurie Zuckerman, 330.867.3000, laurie@zuckermancg.com.