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Zuckerman Consulting Group works with you to develop:

At Zuckerman Consulting Group, we partner with you to unlock the potential of your entire organization. The goal: an engaged, energized workforce with everyone on the same page.

Our clients realize that the answers to many of their issues are not immediately obvious, so we don't offer overly simple, formulaic answers. We listen to you and your organization to understand your particular values, circumstances, needs, and ways of working together. Then we customize an approach that works for you.

Our work falls into several categories described in typical business terminology: succession planning, strategic planning, team development, conflict resolution. But fundamentally what we do is partner with you and your organization to build on your strengths, build connections among people, and work through the issues that prevent everyone from working at their best.

As a client, you and your organization receive valuable feedback, support, and guidance in addressing immediate as well as long-term issues. In addition, we take a whole-system perspective, and always consider the particular process we’re addressing in the context of the whole organization.

We work with leaders to develop:

An Engaged Workforce
Engaged employees care about the organization and give their best to make it succeed. They don’t just do what they’re told; they bring their best selves to the workplace. They look for what’s not working well, and fix it. They find satisfaction in their work. And when times get tough, they stick with the organization and help turn things around. There are many factors that go into supporting an engaged workforce. We understand these factors, and we work with you to develop them.

A Culture in Which Everyone is on the Same Page
This is one of those clichés that hangs on because the situation it describes is so desirable. Everyone knows where the organization is headed, and why it’s important to move in that direction. And everyone is willing to do their best to get there. Imagine a rowboat with ten people rowing, but all ten are rowing in different directions, at different times. Now imagine everyone rowing in the same direction at the same time. Movement is faster, lighter, easier, more fun . . . and you reach your destination faster. That’s what we’re talking about. That’s what we support.

Accountable Employees
Accountable employees understand your expectations and do what it takes to meet them. With our guidance, you, your leaders, and your supervisors will learn how to make requests, give feedback, and build relationships that generate a sense of accountability. Accountable people do what they say they’ll do when they say they’ll do it.

A Raised Level of Strategic Thinking
Typically, people focus on their own department or area of work, and often don’t see how their work is connected to the entire organization and its strategy. Working like this, in silos, people are not as effective as they could be. We help raise the level of strategic thinking and analysis across the organization so people focus their energy on what matters.

Organizational Strength
The more that people and departments build connections, the stronger your organization will be. People who have relationships with each other are more likely to do the little things that have big payoffs, like call and ask for assistance, offer assistance when asked, realize when communication is needed, and link together services for the benefit of your clients or customers. People often underestimate both the value of this kind of work and the effort required to make it happen. As we take parts of the organization that are doing well and connect them with each other, our clients report that people support each other’s work in ways that go far beyond what could be planned for. They have unlocked the true potential of their organization.

“Laurie helped us learn how to build a team atmosphere with the entire company.  We developed the trust necessary to change attitudes and begin the search for great customer service.  We are now able to continue this process on our own.”
President, Retail Company

“Thanks to Laurie’s work, both Board and Staff have a clear understanding and agreement of where we want our agency to go as an organization and who needs to do what to make that happen.”  
Patricia Burgess, Board Chair, Housing Research & Advocacy Center