What We Do

Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Effective leaders make the difference between organizations that are running well enough and organizations that are:

  • focused,
  • energized, and
  • running on all cylinders.

Executive coaching is a cost-effective, energy-effective means of developing your ability to unlock the potential of your organization.

At Zuckerman Consulting Group, we use powerful questioning and dialogue to help you sort through tough issues, understand your strengths and challenges as a leader, and build leadership skills which you can leverage within your organization.

There’s a reason that people say it’s lonely at the top.  In your position as leader, there are some issues – both personal and organizational – that you just can’t talk about with anyone in your organization. Executive coaching gives you an outlet so you can think out loud and get support from a seasoned advisor to work through to effective solutions.

An added benefit is that you get valuable feedback, support, and guidance – which are typically hard to get when the buck stops with you.

Many people find that executive coaching not only leads to becoming a more effective leader; it also leads to a more satisfying, influential life – a life in which you get more of what you want – for yourself and your organization.